Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Week one at Work

    So...this has been an incredibly long and tiring week.  I have gotten 2 hours of sleep per night. obnoxious room mates!!!  I started my first day of work on Friday. I worked the grill, I made pancakes, french toast and hot ham a cheese for breakfast, then we switched over to lunch and made cheeseburgers, hot dogs, chicken tenders and french fries.  I thought those two days on the grill were pretty fun but very tiring,  Little did I know I would be on the omelet station.  The day I did omelets we were short staff so I didn't have a trainer and I worked the station by myself.  I made 271 omelets on my first day!!!!
     Everyday I work I get a meal ticket for lunch...haha what a joke, it is for $3.75 an we have to eat in the employee cafeteria, all frozen foods. Nothing fresh, and you can't buy much with that.  you can't eat any of the food you make for guests, or even try it. That is a big adjustment for me coming from school where I get to eat all the time.
     Yesterday I went to animal kingdom with Russell, it was so AMAZING!!! 
there is a ride called Expedition Everest, we rode on it twice and it was a lot of fun. We also went of the Safari and saw a lot of the animals.  Last night we had a girls night and went to downtown disney.  We had dinner and then went to the House of Blues for Latin night. 
    Tonight There is a Cinco Di Mayo party at our apartment complex, there will be tacos and it should be a lot of fun.  
     I have had the last two days off and it has been so nice. Today I did some laundry and now I am just hanging out.  I have work Thursday through Sun then I am off Monday and Tuesday.  On Monday Russell, Karl and I are going to the beach during the day and then at 7pm we are going to our Formal,  Our housing complex rented out Typhoon Lagoon for only us and we get to go on water rides and eat food!! :)  




Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Walt Disney World Week 1

   Let me just start by saying that nothing could have prepared me for what I would be experiencing for the next 4 months here in the wonderful sunny Orlando Florida.  This was the first time I had ever been on a plane all by myself let alone moved away from home on my own.  It was not easy to leave especially when I had say goodbye to my best friend, my husband.  The weekend before I had to leave my family through me a surprise party, totally shocked and completely emotional.  It was pretty much a love hate moment for me at that point.  I was so happy that I got to spend that last moment with them, but it made it even harder to say goodbye.
   The morning I left for the airport, I cried the WHOLE way there, I am such a huge cry baby.  the look back from the escalator to Ricky was a horrible feeling.  I can't even explain what that moment was like for me, being so emotional i felt as if I would never see him again, I know thats not the truth.  Never fly the direct flight to orlando on Delta, I was on a Tiny plane with only about 40 rows of seats and only 6 seats across. I was so uncomfortable the whole time, NO leg room and the flight attendant kept hitting me with her cart every time she walked by.
  Well enough about all the bad stuff, When I finally got to Florida I went straight to my hotel for the night.  The next morning I had to be at my apartment complex for check in and to move in.  This was probably the best day that I have had since I have been here.  This was the day I met 3 of the coolest people, that are now becoming my great friends; Beau, Russell and Karl.  I have 4 roommates in a three bedroom apartment, but I don't have a roommate living in my room.  My roommates are a little bit interesting. I am not used to living with people that are messy and gross.  They also have different values then I do, so I tend just to be nice to them and kind of do my own thing with people that have the goals and interests as me.
  All week I have had classroom training, boring slideshows and lectures.  I can't wait to get into my location and start cooking.  also this week I went to Hollywood studios with beau and Russell, It was a lot of fun.  There are so many different things to do at these parks than at Disney Land.  The only bad part about that is I have to take a 30 min or longer bus ride to get anywhere.  Last night I went to A Night of Stars, a talent competition for our housing complex at Hollywood studios. I was a lot of fun and it got me out of the apartment.
  My friend Russell is an amazing cook, he makes me dinner almost every night, so i don't starve to death. I am so grateful I have him as my friend, He is so talented.
Friday I start work at the All star Music Resort. I am so exciting to actually start doing something with my time.  I got costume and shoes so I am all set. Don't know what I will be actually doing but I will keep you updated.

   and yes Dad I am making Mickey Pancakes!!!!